Workshop to size up urban spaces.


Design for students and professionals from anthropology, arts and architecture and cultural managers. It was an introduction to different methodologies for field research and to theories about the urban space. Dèrives were made individually and later in ‘interdisciplinary couples’. Mental maps were developed, notes about sounds, interviews, etc. Identification of possible working subjects and innovative ways to gather information. The workshop got summarise in a publication with a conclusive map with places of interest, perception and working areas.

The conference and the workshop were possible thanks to the Goethe Institut Colombia, the faculty of Arts of Universidad de los Andes and was coordinated by Dr. Kathrin Wildner and the architect Roberto Uribe.


17 March 2014 to 19 March 2014
Universidad de los Andes
Calle 22 # 5
Bogotá CUN